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Steel Drum Band, Reel Ting Gives Your Special Event a Caribbean Sizzle

Nothing says South Florida like the beaches, the warm weather, and the sounds of a good Caribbean Steel Drum Band. Reel Ting has been in the business of entertaining crowds in the entire state of Florida for well over twenty years now and they are not slowing up any time soon. Their value not only lays in their ability to entertain you and your guests all event long, but in our professionalism as well. 

Being in South Florida there is a number of different live entertainment options that you can choose for your special event, but there are none that will capture the pure essence of Florida like a good Steel Drum Band. There are several Steel Drum Bands to choose from as well, but none will rival the pure joy and the tropical experience that Reel Ting can bring to your event. 

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The event you are planning can only go smoothly if you take all things into consideration. Entertainment should be right at the top of your list when it comes time to plan. The difference between quality entertainment and poor entertainment will be the difference in how your guests feel leaving the event. 

Do you really want to hear: 

Of course you don’t. When your guests leave you want them to be shouting out jubilations. With Reel Ting as your South Florida Steel drum band you will create fun and wonderful memories in them all that will not soon be forgotten. 

Reel Ting is eager to show you why they the best Steel Drum Band around. Their style and sophistication will speak for themselves and your guests will be entertained the entire time moving and grooving to so many styles of music you won’t believe your ears. They will make you feel as though you are wading in the water at the beach; even if your event is totally land locked. 

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Make Your Special Event Pop with The Steel Drum Band Reel Ting 

If you are considering steel drum band for your special event, look no further than Reel Ting. Reel Ting goes beyond the ordinary steel drum band and they will have your guests shaking it to a number of different styles and genres; some traditional and some that you may not expect. They also have the perfect mix of style and sophistication to make any special event you are planning to go off smoothly with the best in entertainment. 

Reel Ting has been entertaining in the state of Florida for a long time now and there is a reason that they are among the best when the words ‘Steel Drum Bands’ are uttered. They know that South Florida is steeped in Latin culture and tradition so they bring that culture and tradition to your special day by incorporating a delightful mix of Latin music with a Caribbean twist. How many other Steel Drum Bands can say that? 

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If you are planning a private party, corporate event, or even a wedding reception in the South Florida area, Reel Ting is the only Steel Drum Band you need to consider. They are e simply a cut above the rest and will have you and your guest moving the entire time. It’s your special event so it is up to you. Do want your guests sitting around falling asleep at their tables? Or would you like to see them: 

This may sound too good to be true, but Reel Ting will not only deliver the best in island and Caribbean music, we will also have you singing and dancing to some of your favorite Latin music and even some music you would never think of such as songs by the legendary Jonny Cash. 

One thing you can be sure of with Reel Ting; everyone at your special event will have the time of their lives. Let our Caribbean ways take you and your guests away from the ordinary and the everyday. 

Let Reel Ting Breathe Tropical Life Into Your Event. Call us at 561-215-7596 


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