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About Reel Ting

About the Reel Ting Band, South Florida

Core Band members

George Pollis-

Music Director, Steel Drum Musician, Booking Agent 561 215 7596
Instruments –Singer /Vocals Plays Lead Tenor Steel Drum, Banjo, Guitar & DJ
Born- Philadelphia Pa. USA
Education: West Chester University B.S. Graduate School University of Pennsylvania. Music director and band manager Reel Ting and Key West Steel Drum Band Prince George JD Prince George DJ Entertainment (Click here to View) George Pollis | Steel Drum Musician | Band Manager &
Phone: (561) 215-7596 | (305) 434-4994 
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Experience 28 years

James Graham-

Instruments –Singer/Steel Drummer
Born- Jamaica (Raised and grew up with the Marley family)
Education –Band Director Jamaican National Steel Drum Orchestra
Experience 31 years
Bob Chew-
Instrument –Singer/Harp, Guitar, Mandolin,
Born-Ocean City
Education - University of San Diego, B.S. Band leader Southern California
Famous for- Bob Chew and the Mighty Molars, Lead Singer& Backup singer
Experience - 25 years

Brian Allen-

Instruments Steel Drum/Flute/Sax/Percussion and DJ
Born –Boston
Education - University of Massachusetts B.S Master Degree M.S
Experience 25 years

Eric Ness

Instruments-Steel Drummer –Trumpet, Keyboards, Baritone Steel Drum,
Born- Mars
Education –Scholl of hard Knocks on the Road Musician University
Experience 25 years, played with Jimmy Buffett Band in the past

Pascal Appolo

Instruments –Vocals/Steel Drummer Keyboards
Born-Caribbean Island
Education –Haiti School of Music
Experience -30 years

Rasta Mike Evans-

Instruments Percussion
Born-Jamaica( Grew up with the Marley family)
Education – Jamaican Steel Drum National Band
Experience -22 Years

Keno Hall-

Instruments- Keyboards/Bass
Born –Jamaica grew up with the Marley family
Education –National School of Music Jamaica
Experience -22 years

Beverly Griffith

Instrument –Steel Drummer
Born –Trinidad
Education –National Trindad Steel Drum Music Director
Experience 35 years

When It Comes to Caribbean Steel Drum Bands, These Musicians Are the "Reel Ting"

Reel Ting steel drum players didn't set out to become Florida's premiere Caribbean and Reggae music performers. These Treasure Coast steel drum players, musicians, and entertainers have humble roots in a musical worship team assembled at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Palm City, Florida.

Members of the church began asking the steel drum musicians to provide live music for private parties and events. Word about this red hot Caribbean steel drum band began to spread like wildfire. Before they knew it, organizations all around West Palm Beach began booking them for high-profile events.