Aug 052010
Reel Ting Steel Drum Band Performs at Cheeca Lodge Wedding During Tropical Storm Bonnie

Reel Ting Steel Drum Band Performs at Cheeca Lodge Wedding During Tropical Storm Bonnie

On July 22nd, 2010, The Reel Ting braved the weather and performed during Tropical Storm Bonnie at the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada, Florida Keys. The event was a Tropical Wedding with the Reel Ting Steel Drum performing the Ceremony Music, Cocktail Hour Music and at the Wedding Reception.

The prelude to the Ceremony began on the beach grounds at the Cheeca Lodge in their lush Gardens area, surrounded by the famous Crossing Palms. The ceremony included two, Steel Tenor Steel Drums/Pans and a Concert Flute. The guests were treated to a prelude concert featuring songs such as Yellow Bird, Island in the Sun and Day Oh’. As the processional bridal party arrived they we serenaded by songs like the “Cannon in D” and “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. The Ceremony recessional song included, “Could this Be Love” by Bob Marley. The
Ceremony ended with beautiful weather and sunshine.

The Cocktail Hour began shortly after the Ceremony with the instrumental sounds of the Reel Ting. The cocktail hour was located on the veranda deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The weather cooperated and the appetizers’ were served under the moon lit Ocean and a beautiful night seemed to be on tap for this gorgeous couple from Atlanta, Georgia.

As the cocktail hour matriculated into the wedding reception, the party got started as the Conga line formed and the guest were singing and dancing to the Caribbean sounds of Reel Ting. The children got involved in singing, dancing and playing George Pollis’s Steel Drum to their favorite song “Hot, Hot Hot”. As the Wedding reception was winding down, a 50 MPH wind gust presented itself and the Conga line was caught off guard. Suddenly the heavens opened up and rain began, however the bridal party remained dancing!!! Hats off to a wonderful celebration at the Cheeca Lodge!

Here’s what the Bride had to say about Reel Ting’s performance:


Thanks so much to you and the band at our Cheeca Lodge wedding and
reception. It was wonderful. Our guests are still talking about it and the way that you all
interacted with them. It was perfect. I could not have asked for more.

My best to you,
~ Lindy Davis

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Apr 282010

Creating a party can be a lot of fun. There are many interesting additions to parties that often make the process of creating a party a fun activity to perform. When you are creating your party, you are likely going to want to find the very best additions you can include into your party to make it as entertaining and as fun as it can be. If this is the type of party you wish to create, you should know that a Caribbean band can make a great addition to practically any party. The following article will discuss facts about a Caribbean steel drum band – 5 best parties for a Caribbean band.

You are likely wondering why you should choose this type of band over a DJ or a more traditional band type. Before you choose your band though, you should keep in mind that most people find this type of band to be one of the most entertaining band types available today. So, if you are looking to create a great birthday party, you will definitely want to choose entertainment that can keep all of your guests happy. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a band that can entertain your guests more than a Caribbean band can.

The fact that Caribbean music is also catching on around the world is proof that everyone loves this type of music. That is why this music is perfect for any event, even corporate parties. Everyone loves the sound of steel drums and percussions playing in a pleasant tropical Caribbean beat. The sound created by Caribbean bands can truly fit any event perfectly.

A Caribbean band can service the reception of a wedding very easily too, because this type of band provides a sound that is perfect for celebrations. Not only can this type of band be perfect for the reception of a wedding, but you can also use this type of band to service the musical needs you have for the wedding itself.

Many couples have been married to the sweet sounds of Caribbean music, especially when the couple decided to bond together through the use of a beach wedding. For some reason, there just isn’t any other form of wedding music that can set the tone of a wedding celebration like Caribbean music can.

It does not matter the type of event you are orchestrating, due to the widely accepted nature of this type of music, you can be positive that everyone will love your band choice if you choose to have a Caribbean band play at your event. This is why large events, like fundraisers and corporate events, love to have this type of music playing in the background. Not only does this music lighten the mood of most events, but this type of music also fits the musical tastes of a diverse audience too.

Many people are also discovering that Caribbean music can even be used for holiday events. If you are throwing a fourth of July party, you will likely love the tropical character a band like this can bring to a summer get together. Even if you are creating a Christmas party, if you are in a tropical part of the world, you will definitely find the addition of a Caribbean band to be a very enjoyable addition overall.

It may be obvious, but a Caribbean band can fit practically any event there is. This article has talked about the best parties a band from the Caribbean can entertain though. You should keep in mind that a band like this can truly entertain any type of party. This steel drum band – 5 best parties for a Caribbean band article is simply a list of the best parties you can use a band from this genre for, but as long as you want catchy music to be played at your party, you can be positive that a band of this kind will be able to meet your needs.