May 142010

Have you ever dreamed about the perfect wedding day? You probably have. Did you, however, dream about how to keep that perfect wedding from falling apart? Here are some tips on how to have your Key West wedding – 5 secrets to the perfect day.

If you desire a Key West wedding you should think about how you want to make this wedding memorable for the masses without those memories being of disaster. If you would like your wedding to be a day to remember, follow these five tips.

For starters, if you are going to have a beach wedding it would be a good idea to find the perfect beach. The perfect beach for a wedding is one with a calm wake and fine-grained sand. Course sand can be unpleasant if people decide to walk barefoot on the beach after the reception, and large crashing waves may be too loud. Finer sand and small wakes allow for soothing comfort at your beach wedding.

Once you have found a proper beach you must find a beachfront restaurant at which to host your reception. Once you have found this restaurant you should immediately find out the wait – if there is one – for wedding reservations. If you can manage to get a reservation in time for the big day, make sure the restaurant is both to your liking and within your budget and you should be set.

After you have made the reservations with the restaurant, make sure to decide what kind of food you want at the wedding. More than likely, the beachfront restaurant will have plenty of seafood. However not everyone likes seafood, so you might try to find at least one chicken and or beef dish with the food you choose.

The fourth secret to having the perfect Key West wedding is to determine what drinks will be offered. Of course you will need non-alcoholic beverages, but those are fairly easy to take care of. What you need to think about is what alcoholic beverages you wish to serve. One fun idea is to offer a signature drink for the men and women at the reception in addition to beer and wine.

As soon as you have all of the above settled, you must consider the music for your perfect Key West wedding. One of the best things to have is a live band. Live bands like the Reel Ting Steel Drum Band can be a lot of fun at beach weddings. They offer tropical, upbeat music for all to enjoy. The Reel Ting Steel Drum Band (found at can be contacted at 561-215-7596, and are located out of Jupiter, Florida. If you wish to hire them for your perfect Key West Wedding, contact them with information about the wedding in order to determine the fee.