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renew_vows_r2_c3Ever since they were married, Brain and Dawn have always wanted to go to the tropical paradise of the Florida Keys. In celebration of their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary they decided to renew their marriage vows. The Reel Ting Steel Drum Band performed the at the Wedding Ceremony performing Cannon in D, The Wedding March and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

The morning of their vow renewal the bride wore a beautiful cream colored pant suit and he wore a beige colored polo shirt with khaki pants. They met the coordinator at a little photo hut on the beach. She led them to the secluded beach where the minister would perform their ceremony. Her bouquet was made with orchids, ferns and pale pink hibiscus. The trail rose and wound through a verdant tropical garden coming to a little clearing. A beautiful cascade of water tumbled down a coral rock wall covered in ferns, moss and climbing orchids. It
was like paradise.

The minister performed their ceremony and the photographer took some candid as well as posed pictures during as well as after the ceremony. After the ceremony Brain and Dawn cut the small cake and toasted the occasion with some Champagne. Then we were off to enjoy their second honeymoon.

The hotel bungalow was about a hundred yards from the water, nestled inside a grove of palm trees and bushes. Only wooden walkways connected the bungalows to each other and the main building. They had space to themselves. Privacy! The bungalow itself was two rooms — a bedroom with a king sized bed and a main sitting room. A balcony overlooked the beach. There were no phones, only a button with an intercom. On the table in the main room was a brochure describing everything you could possibly see or do around the Florida Keys.

They spent the rest of the day relaxing in their bungalow and by the pool. The next day they tried scuba diving then, parasailing, and then wind surfing. They spent the next day at different markets in the Keys and purchases lots of local arts and crafts.. Every day, there was something new and different to see. They didn’t think five days would be enough time to see it all.

More than once Brian and Dawn said they would have to come back and to do it all again!

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