Dec 042009

On January 16th 2010 the Reel Ting Steel Drum Band travels to the city of Key West to perform its Caribbean Music for the Perz Wedding. The wedding event will feature a true tropical flair with steel drum performing at the wedding ceremony, then a full dance band for the reception .The band will be performing its recently recorded wedding classic on Steel Pans, Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Built in 1896, the Southernmost House is a superb architectural site that offers a historical museum and 13 guest rooms that are open to the public. Visitors feel enveloped in the rich history of the house which was at one time a Cuban nightclub. Browsing through the museum, you’ll be treated to many Presidential artifacts including signatures of William Henry Harrison and President Johnson. On display is also a collection of personal writings of Ernest Hemingway, including letters he wrote to friends and relatives. There’s also an exhibit of artifacts and treasure that was salvaged by Whitey Keevan from the shipwreck of a Spanish galleon.

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