Oct 052009

Posted as the largest concert event in Palm Beach County in years, on August 14th 2009, the Reel Ting Steel Drum Island Band opened the show at the Cruzan Rum Amphitheater in West Palm Beach Florida for the Dave Matthews Band.

Cruzan Rum and the Reel Ting put together the “Show of Shows”. The band featured nine pieces including Keno Hall Keyboard player from The “Ziggy Marley Band” and the Famous Jimmy “Jam” Graham, a Steel Drum Player with roots in Jamaica who has performed with his childhood friend “Shaggy”. ┬áThe band also featured Bobby “Chew” Buffett from Ocean City, New Jersey performing on the harmonica and the steel guitar.

What a Night!!!

“This was the largest event the Reel Ting Band has ever performed at,” says band manager and steel drum musician George Pollis.

“With over 22,000 fans in attendance for this concert event, the Reel Ting did a spectacular job!” says Wayne Pozzi, Cruzan Rum executive. “I would recommend them to anyone. They are a band with a bright future.”

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