Jun 042010

sunrisetrIt’s true. Any wedding planner will tell you. Live wedding music – better than a dj. There are many reasons that many will tell you that live wedding music is better than a dj. What are some of those reasons? Here we will tell you a few about them. Let’s look at them. Shall we?

For starters, who doesn’t love to have some live entertainment. People who come to your wedding reception will have a much better time because they have will have entertainment that they can enjoy on a visual and auditory level. This all can help drastically to make the people at your reception have a lot better time.

Another thing that you must consider when you go for live wedding music is what sort music you want to have played. This will tell you what sort of live wedding band you will need. You will notice a big difference in the atmosphere when you have a live band. When you choose a band, they might only play one type of music. This is the reason you need to know what sort of music you want.

Another reason is that you can find some bands that have some sort of sound that you might not have heard about. One of these is Reel Ting. It hasn’t been heard of very often, yet at the same time, they have great music for all to enjoy. Isn’t that what many of you look for as you are picking out music for when you take those vows?

The last thing that allows it to do is that it allows you to have some extra fun. With a dj you can get people up and moving about, but nothing like a wedding band can do. People just feel a lot more in a party mood when you have a live band. So, it might be something to consider.

So, as you can see, there are reasons to hire a live band. We assure you that if you can pay for this and swing it, you and your guests will have a better time. That’s worth a lot when this is hopefully the only time you say I do. How is that for reasons?

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