May 262010

band fullWhat you should know about Wedding musicians depends on the type of wedding you are planning. In addition, you will need to decide if you want the musicians for the ceremony, the reception or for both. Once you have an idea of these variables, you will be set to choose the musicians.

The most traditional weddings use a piano or organ for playing the Wedding March as well as the recessional. Someone may sing during the ceremony and the person is generally accompanied by the instrument.

In less traditional settings, this music may be provided by a recording or using another instrument. In fact, in less formal weddings the traditional processional and recessional music may not be used at all.

Many couples choose a band for the reception. The band can provide dance music for the entertainment of the guests. You will want to determine the length of the reception before contracting with the band.

If you are planning a less formal wedding, you may have a DJ to play recorded music for both the ceremony and for the reception. Most mobile DJs will provide the sound equipment needed for both places and will play a variety of music to meet the taste of a wide variety of guests.

Before you select the musician or DJ you should listen to them at some other place. If you have heard someone you like at a friend’s wedding be sure that you contact them first. Ask for references and be sure that you check out those references. If at all possible, make arrangements to hear the band live before you make your final decision.

Wedding musicians are important in setting the mood and atmosphere for the ceremony and for the reception. If you choose the correct musicians, your day will go smoother.

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