May 042010

Weddings are a time for celebration and nothing sets the mood better than the right music. Although the ceremony itself often reflects the romance of the classical era, when it comes to the reception people want to rock it out, making it a memorable event that brings out the laughter, love, and joy everyone is feeling. Therefore, the selection of wedding music or, better yet, wedding musicians can become an important decision.

When it comes to wedding music for the ceremony and reception one has many options. For those on a budget many times just a stereo or radio with speakers is chosen. Although it fills the need it often lacks the tonal quality desired leaving one wanting. A more popular option is hiring a DJ. They provide the equipment and music which has been preselected and often meet needs, but if someone really wants to make a statement nothing beats a live band and often the price is commensurate with that of a DJ.

Many types of bands specialize in weddings, but finding one that is unique and out of the ordinary can heighten the occasion for any prospective couple. Imagine the surprise on guests’ faces when a live steel drum band, like Reel Ting, begins to pop a Reggae beat that brings the sounds of a Caribbean island right into any room or outdoor space. The beat can be quick and lively or laid-back and lovely. Regardless of the form, they will have every guest up and dancing in no time.

Many wedding musicians, like Reel Ting, are not limited to genre when it comes to music. Classical music played on steel drums provides a twist on the original composition that is not only unique, but produces lovely, melodious music that is especially unique. When the party kicks into high gear, however, they are more than ready to enliven the party with a beat that will ensure party-goers never want to stop. With the options provided by steel drum bands, feeling like one is on a tropical isle can be experienced regardless of where the event is held.

When hiring any band it’s important that sufficient experience and references are provided and that they are checked thoroughly. After all, a couple has only one chance in their life to do it right so ensuring that the best band is hired for the event will save much worry. For instance, a steel drum band like Real Ting with ten years of experience and many letters of recommendation can reassure engaged couples that their event will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Florida has the perfect mix of live wedding musicians to fill any need, but for those who have yet to consider stepping outside-the-box, one would be wise to look at all options before selecting only one. It’s important to remember, too, that steel drum bands, like Reel Ting, play almost every type of wedding music desired. Whether it’s Oldies and Goldie’s that the guests can sing along with, Johnny Cash for your two-stepping attendees, or Caribbean island favorites, this type of music will make any wedding, for those living in Florida as well as those planning a destination wedding, something to remember for a lifetime.

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