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band fullWhat you should know about Wedding musicians depends on the type of wedding you are planning. In addition, you will need to decide if you want the musicians for the ceremony, the reception or for both. Once you have an idea of these variables, you will be set to choose the musicians.

The most traditional weddings use a piano or organ for playing the Wedding March as well as the recessional. Someone may sing during the ceremony and the person is generally accompanied by the instrument.

In less traditional settings, this music may be provided by a recording or using another instrument. In fact, in less formal weddings the traditional processional and recessional music may not be used at all.

Many couples choose a band for the reception. The band can provide dance music for the entertainment of the guests. You will want to determine the length of the reception before contracting with the band.

If you are planning a less formal wedding, you may have a DJ to play recorded music for both the ceremony and for the reception. Most mobile DJs will provide the sound equipment needed for both places and will play a variety of music to meet the taste of a wide variety of guests.

Before you select the musician or DJ you should listen to them at some other place. If you have heard someone you like at a friend’s wedding be sure that you contact them first. Ask for references and be sure that you check out those references. If at all possible, make arrangements to hear the band live before you make your final decision.

Wedding musicians are important in setting the mood and atmosphere for the ceremony and for the reception. If you choose the correct musicians, your day will go smoother.

May 212010

band fullIt can be very overwhelming to plan a wedding. There are so many things to consider, and your music can be one of the most important. The music you choose will set the mood of the day, so be sure to choose it carefully. When looking at options, 3 things to know about a wedding musicians company are what style they play, how much they charge for their services, and whether or not they do requests.

Just like everything else at your wedding, the music is up to you. You can choose from countless options of musicians, bands, DJs, or anything else you can think of. Be sure to consider important factors like how much space you have, how loud you can have music, and what kind of music your guests will like the best.

It can be hard to decide on a genre of music. Most people like to have soft or acoustic music for the ceremony, jazz or easy listening for dinner and pop or rock hits for dancing. Whatever genre you like, try to go with something that is not too loud, obscene or offensive.

There are many different options for music, and therefore many different rates apply. As a general rule, the more musicians you hire, the more it will cost. Most bands base their rates on how long they need to play for and how many guests are at the event.

If you expect to hand pick a lot of the songs for the wedding, you need to make sure your musicians can accommodate your requests. Many bands work from prepackaged song lists, so be aware that special requests could cost you an additional fee.

There are many resources for wedding musicians companies online. Look around to find more information about musicians in your area that may be a good fit for your wedding.

May 172010

drum_sticksIf you are having an upcoming function and are wondering what kind of music to pick, think about, Steel Drum Bands – Island Sound for Your Party. When a party has the Caribbean sound of the steel drums, it take it to a whole new level of fun. It can really take an outdoor event and make it more festive. There are lots of reasons why choosing this type of music makes sense.

For a sound and beat that is unusual to most parties, you can try the steel made drum sound. This particular sound is so different that it will be pleasing to your guests ears as they enter the party. While most events have the same kind of bands or DJ’s, you will be the one that proves to be unique.

A good band will get your function moving and dancing to the island sound. Guests will love the sound of the drum and wonder how you found the group providing the music. You may have to hand out cards to people as they leave your party so that they have contact info for the band you selected.

You will not have to worry about people not hearing the music, this rich sound will carry itself far and beyond. That means your friends and family could be entertained anywhere they choose to go and mingle.

You wont be disappointed by a group that does not know how to entertain. This kind of music sound is usually paired with a fun group who love people and to entertain a crowd.

When you pick Steel Drum Bands – Island Sound for Your Party, you wont regret your choice. It will be the best party you have ever had. For a steeper fee, you could contact a group that is a far distance, or just find some local ones via the internet. As soon as you have a listing of possible groups, you can just call them up for some details and prices.

May 142010

Have you ever dreamed about the perfect wedding day? You probably have. Did you, however, dream about how to keep that perfect wedding from falling apart? Here are some tips on how to have your Key West wedding – 5 secrets to the perfect day.

If you desire a Key West wedding you should think about how you want to make this wedding memorable for the masses without those memories being of disaster. If you would like your wedding to be a day to remember, follow these five tips.

For starters, if you are going to have a beach wedding it would be a good idea to find the perfect beach. The perfect beach for a wedding is one with a calm wake and fine-grained sand. Course sand can be unpleasant if people decide to walk barefoot on the beach after the reception, and large crashing waves may be too loud. Finer sand and small wakes allow for soothing comfort at your beach wedding.

Once you have found a proper beach you must find a beachfront restaurant at which to host your reception. Once you have found this restaurant you should immediately find out the wait – if there is one – for wedding reservations. If you can manage to get a reservation in time for the big day, make sure the restaurant is both to your liking and within your budget and you should be set.

After you have made the reservations with the restaurant, make sure to decide what kind of food you want at the wedding. More than likely, the beachfront restaurant will have plenty of seafood. However not everyone likes seafood, so you might try to find at least one chicken and or beef dish with the food you choose.

The fourth secret to having the perfect Key West wedding is to determine what drinks will be offered. Of course you will need non-alcoholic beverages, but those are fairly easy to take care of. What you need to think about is what alcoholic beverages you wish to serve. One fun idea is to offer a signature drink for the men and women at the reception in addition to beer and wine.

As soon as you have all of the above settled, you must consider the music for your perfect Key West wedding. One of the best things to have is a live band. Live bands like the Reel Ting Steel Drum Band can be a lot of fun at beach weddings. They offer tropical, upbeat music for all to enjoy. The Reel Ting Steel Drum Band (found at can be contacted at 561-215-7596, and are located out of Jupiter, Florida. If you wish to hire them for your perfect Key West Wedding, contact them with information about the wedding in order to determine the fee.

May 122010

Creating an enjoyable party has never been as easy as it is now that there are Caribbean bands available. If you desire to create one of the most enjoyable atmospheres you can possibly create for a party, you will definitely want to look into what a Caribbean band can do for your event. A steel drum band – 5 best parties for a Caribbean band ensemble today, can bring your party to life and make the entire event a smash.

A Caribbean band can be a great addition to any party, because there is no music, and no band type, that can get the people at a party dancing as quickly as Caribbean music can. The catchy tunes played by Caribbean artists makes this type of band one of the most satisfying and entertaining bands you can hire today. That is why many people hire this type of band to service their birthday parties. When this kind of band starts playing, everyone usually starts dancing and enjoying the celebration tremendously.

The fact that Caribbean music is also catching on around the world is proof that everyone loves this type of music. That is why this music is perfect for any event, even corporate parties. Everyone loves the sound of steel drums and percussions playing in a pleasant tropical Caribbean beat. The sound created by Caribbean bands can truly fit any event perfectly.

One of the most common events a band from the Caribbean is used for today is definitely wedding events. Anyone who is getting married on a beach, and desires to make their wedding incredible and unforgettable, will definitely want to purchase the services of a band like this for their event. Not only can a band like this make a wedding ceremony unforgettable and unique, but this kind of band can also perfectly service the needs of a couple’s wedding reception as well.

Many couples have been married to the sweet sounds of Caribbean music, especially when the couple decided to bond together through the use of a beach wedding. For some reason, there just isn’t any other form of wedding music that can set the tone of a wedding celebration like Caribbean music can.

The music of a Caribbean band also perfectly matches the needs of fundraiser parties. If you are hoping to soften the moods of everyone who comes to your fundraiser, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a musical style that can shine joy into anyone’s mood like Caribbean music can.

This type of music can even service the needs of holiday parties. Whether you want to make the entertainment provided at your fourth of July party more interesting, or you want to make your tropical Christmas party the talk of the neighborhood, you can be certain that a Caribbean band will liven the mood of your gathering.

As you can see, this type of music is not really limited to a particular type of party. This article has discussed the best steel drum band – 5 best parties for a Caribbean band, but you can truly integrate this type of band into any type of party you may want to entertain completely with great music.

May 102010

Couples from all over the world and even Miami Beach have headed to Key West for decades to enjoy everything this tropical paradise has to offer when it comes to unique weddings. Couples can contact one of the party planners or they can manage the entire process themselves with a few phone calls or some online research. Having a local wedding in Key West is definitely the right choice for many.

Key West enjoys incredible weather almost year round. Other than perhaps a hurricane scare or two during the summer months, weddings can usually go on without a hitch when it comes to surprise weather issues. Even a beach wedding rarely suffers from the occasional afternoon showers.

For an authentic tropical feel, get in touch with the Reel Ting Steel Drum Band. They can handle beach weddings or formal receptions.

Key West has many tiny restaurants and local bars where couples have had all sorts of themed weddings and receptions over the years. One of the favorite venues has been the historical Hemingway residence, not only famous for Ernest Hemingway’s personal tropical retreat, but also famous for the legendary six toed cats, all descendents of Hemingway’s original pets.

For couples who are unfamiliar with the area, there are local party planners who can put together all kinds of weddings on short notice. A few local bakeries can turn a standard sheet cake into a gorgeous wedding cake literally overnight, they also have connections with all the local hotels and motels in case last minute rooms and reservations become a problem.

Food is never a problem. Between the local eateries and caterers, something truly unique can be arranged, even on short notice. For anyone who has never tried a Key West conch, this delicacy should be on every party menu!

Transportation to Key West can be by plane to their small local airport, or even by boat.

May 082010

Girls start dreaming about their perfect weddings before they even start school. Many start thinking about balmy tropical locations such as Miami. For those who plan on using Miami as their destination, keep reading. Planning your Miami wedding – 5 tips to make it fun.

Music is all important for any wedding, but for a real touch of the tropics, forget the DJ or 3 piece band. Hire a fun group like the Reel Ting Steel Drum Band. They are totally equipped to play inside or on the beach, and they have years of experience in all sorts of functions from weddings to corporate events.

Beach lovers flock to the beautiful stretches of coastline that Southern Florida has to offer, and many plan their weddings around which portion of these beaches they like best. For people unfamiliar with all the choices, just work with one of the hotels on South Beach. They can help plan the entire event and just in case wind and rain sneak up unannounced, which happens frequently, everyone can still enjoy the shelter of the hotel itself while it blows over.

For foods, offer your guests a sampling of everything Miami has to offer from Cuban to Mexican to Peruvian. Treat your guests to flavors they won’t find at home!

Forget the stuffed chicken breasts, too. Miami has so many exquisite cuisines to choose from. Find a caterer who can provide you with a bit of everything – like an international buffet.

The Versace Mansion on South Beach has just changed hands again and is booking weddings. The mansion is reminiscent of a medieval castle. They’ll handle everything for you.

For boaters and water lovers, charter a private yacht and have the wedding and reception on board. Cruise to the Bahamas for drinks or dinner and you can still be back the same day.

May 062010

What to know about wedding musicians will depend on the kind of wedding in your plans. Additionally, you will want to decide if you need musicians for the ceremony alone, the reception alone or for both. Once you have decided these things you will be ready to choose your musicians.

The most traditional weddings use a piano or organ for playing the Wedding March as well as the recessional. Someone may sing during the ceremony and the person is generally accompanied by the instrument.

For less formal settings, the music for the ceremony itself may be provided using a recording. The couple may choose a song that is currently popular for these portions of the service or there may be no music at all.

Many couples choose a band for the reception. The band can provide dance music for the entertainment of the guests. You will want to determine the length of the reception before contracting with the band.

Instead of live musicians, many couples today choose a DJ to provide the music for the service and or the reception. Mobile DJs often have access to all the sound equipment needed for either an indoor or outdoor wedding and play a large variety of music. This helps to meet everyone’s tastes.

Before choosing a musician or a DJ, it is a great idea to have heard them in action. You do not want to pay someone that is going to cause you special wedding day to be anything less than perfect. In addition, you should ask for and check references. If you have friends that have recently had a wedding, you might consider asking if they would recommend the musicians from their wedding.

Wedding musicians can help to set the mood and atmosphere for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Choosing the correct musicians is a very important part of your wedding plans.

May 042010

Weddings are a time for celebration and nothing sets the mood better than the right music. Although the ceremony itself often reflects the romance of the classical era, when it comes to the reception people want to rock it out, making it a memorable event that brings out the laughter, love, and joy everyone is feeling. Therefore, the selection of wedding music or, better yet, wedding musicians can become an important decision.

When it comes to wedding music for the ceremony and reception one has many options. For those on a budget many times just a stereo or radio with speakers is chosen. Although it fills the need it often lacks the tonal quality desired leaving one wanting. A more popular option is hiring a DJ. They provide the equipment and music which has been preselected and often meet needs, but if someone really wants to make a statement nothing beats a live band and often the price is commensurate with that of a DJ.

Many types of bands specialize in weddings, but finding one that is unique and out of the ordinary can heighten the occasion for any prospective couple. Imagine the surprise on guests’ faces when a live steel drum band, like Reel Ting, begins to pop a Reggae beat that brings the sounds of a Caribbean island right into any room or outdoor space. The beat can be quick and lively or laid-back and lovely. Regardless of the form, they will have every guest up and dancing in no time.

Many wedding musicians, like Reel Ting, are not limited to genre when it comes to music. Classical music played on steel drums provides a twist on the original composition that is not only unique, but produces lovely, melodious music that is especially unique. When the party kicks into high gear, however, they are more than ready to enliven the party with a beat that will ensure party-goers never want to stop. With the options provided by steel drum bands, feeling like one is on a tropical isle can be experienced regardless of where the event is held.

When hiring any band it’s important that sufficient experience and references are provided and that they are checked thoroughly. After all, a couple has only one chance in their life to do it right so ensuring that the best band is hired for the event will save much worry. For instance, a steel drum band like Real Ting with ten years of experience and many letters of recommendation can reassure engaged couples that their event will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Florida has the perfect mix of live wedding musicians to fill any need, but for those who have yet to consider stepping outside-the-box, one would be wise to look at all options before selecting only one. It’s important to remember, too, that steel drum bands, like Reel Ting, play almost every type of wedding music desired. Whether it’s Oldies and Goldie’s that the guests can sing along with, Johnny Cash for your two-stepping attendees, or Caribbean island favorites, this type of music will make any wedding, for those living in Florida as well as those planning a destination wedding, something to remember for a lifetime.