Apr 302010

There are some things that you have to have to have the best wedding ever. That is why this can help for the dream of your Fort Lauderdale wedding – 5 tips for a wonderful day. There are different aspects that you need to consider. Here are a few that can really give you a time to remember. Let’s take a look at them.

One of the first ones is about the music that you choose. Everyone has the same old bands or the same old options of music. In Fort Lauderdale, there are different bands that are only found there. What are some of those. One of them is Reel Ting Steel Drum Band which offers a different taste of style that everyone loves. Now that sounds fun. Doesn’t it?

Other things that you might like to do is serve food that most parties won’t serve. You’re in an area of fine cuisine. Look at some of the things that wedding parties don’t serve then be the one that has that. Sea food is one of those things that most people just really don’t serve. That’s just one of the other things you can do.

The other thing that you might want to think about is venue. When you choose your place to hold the wedding, think about what appeals to you. There might be some amazing places that people might talk you into. However, you have to do what is good to you. What do you think would be romantic? You never know.

Something else you might want to consider is what to do for your rehearsal dinner. It’s a part of the wedding and this is the time that the two families get together. If you want to wine them and dine them, then go for it. What is your style? Fort Lauderdale is known for a variety of fun.

The last thing that you can do is really look at the venue for your wonderful wedding. Fort Lauderdale is full of great places to have your perfect wedding. No matter what sort of wedding you are considering, they have a place for you. Some have a historical look to it while others are quite quaint. You never know what you can expect when you come here for your wedding.

Apr 292010

Key West has been a preferred tropical wedding destination for decades. Couples have traveled from all over to be married on the beach and even in one of the local casual beachfront restaurants. It is the capital of unique wedding venues. If you are considering a local wedding in Key West, you won’t be disappointed.

Key West is beautiful all year long. Aside from a few hurricane warnings almost every summer, Key West enjoys balmy tropical temperatures, glorious ocean breezes, and an environment that offers a low key fun filled resort atmosphere and plenty of fun almost 24/7.

For an authentic tropical feel, get in touch with the Reel Ting Steel Drum Band. They can handle beach weddings or formal receptions.

Whether you are considering an intimate restaurant setting, or a more casual beachfront location at one of their many bars and taverns, there is one to suit every taste. For history buffs, contact the Hemingway homestead. Personal retreat for this famous author, some of his best works were penned in the living room, surrounded by his cats – whose descendents still roam the grounds to the delight of all the visitors.

Even last minute wedding cakes are no problem. A few local bakeries have become experts in turning standard cakes into beautiful wedding cakes with little notice. Experienced local party planners can even help with last minute hotel rooms – take advantage of the connections they have built up over the years.

For unique menu items, be sure to have conch at least as an appetizer. This local dish should be tried at least once in a lifetime!

Transportation to Key West can be by plane to their small local airport, or even by boat.

Apr 282010

Creating a party can be a lot of fun. There are many interesting additions to parties that often make the process of creating a party a fun activity to perform. When you are creating your party, you are likely going to want to find the very best additions you can include into your party to make it as entertaining and as fun as it can be. If this is the type of party you wish to create, you should know that a Caribbean band can make a great addition to practically any party. The following article will discuss facts about a Caribbean steel drum band – 5 best parties for a Caribbean band.

You are likely wondering why you should choose this type of band over a DJ or a more traditional band type. Before you choose your band though, you should keep in mind that most people find this type of band to be one of the most entertaining band types available today. So, if you are looking to create a great birthday party, you will definitely want to choose entertainment that can keep all of your guests happy. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a band that can entertain your guests more than a Caribbean band can.

The fact that Caribbean music is also catching on around the world is proof that everyone loves this type of music. That is why this music is perfect for any event, even corporate parties. Everyone loves the sound of steel drums and percussions playing in a pleasant tropical Caribbean beat. The sound created by Caribbean bands can truly fit any event perfectly.

A Caribbean band can service the reception of a wedding very easily too, because this type of band provides a sound that is perfect for celebrations. Not only can this type of band be perfect for the reception of a wedding, but you can also use this type of band to service the musical needs you have for the wedding itself.

Many couples have been married to the sweet sounds of Caribbean music, especially when the couple decided to bond together through the use of a beach wedding. For some reason, there just isn’t any other form of wedding music that can set the tone of a wedding celebration like Caribbean music can.

It does not matter the type of event you are orchestrating, due to the widely accepted nature of this type of music, you can be positive that everyone will love your band choice if you choose to have a Caribbean band play at your event. This is why large events, like fundraisers and corporate events, love to have this type of music playing in the background. Not only does this music lighten the mood of most events, but this type of music also fits the musical tastes of a diverse audience too.

Many people are also discovering that Caribbean music can even be used for holiday events. If you are throwing a fourth of July party, you will likely love the tropical character a band like this can bring to a summer get together. Even if you are creating a Christmas party, if you are in a tropical part of the world, you will definitely find the addition of a Caribbean band to be a very enjoyable addition overall.

It may be obvious, but a Caribbean band can fit practically any event there is. This article has talked about the best parties a band from the Caribbean can entertain though. You should keep in mind that a band like this can truly entertain any type of party. This steel drum band – 5 best parties for a Caribbean band article is simply a list of the best parties you can use a band from this genre for, but as long as you want catchy music to be played at your party, you can be positive that a band of this kind will be able to meet your needs.